How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 100 ASA?

100 ASA is an online photo gallery, but different from others you have seen. We don’t allow photographers to upload whatever photos they like.
On 100 ASA, all images are curated by the community. And we publish only a small number of photos weekly, giving them the exposure they deserve.

What are the publishing standards?

Our standards are high, but don't let them discourage you. We believe that everyone has an inner photographer waiting to be discovered.
We believe in learning as a constant process. That’s why expert feedback is an essential activity on 100 ASA.
It will help you to improve your skills and make of being published on 100 ASA a great achievement.

How does curation work?

We believe that the community has to drive the photo curation. Each photo uploaded goes to the "Curate" page automatically. There, other photographers can curate it by writing comments, liking the photo, etc.
Each "action" received on your photo will be used to calculate its popularity. Official 100 ASA Curators can also vote "publish or reject" which can affect the photo popularity.
Your photo stays in curation for 1 week before being published or rejected. If it reaches the popularity of 80%, it's published.

Who are 100 ASA Curators?

100 ASA Curators are a team of professional photographers hired by 100 ASA, who reviews photos to ensure the world class quality. Yes, standards are high, but don't let that discourage you.
We believe that everyone has an inner photographer, just waiting to be discovered.
Learning is very important for us and we provide many tools that will help you take your photography to the next level.

Can I apply to be a curator?

Yes, if you would like to be considered to become a 100 ASA Curator, please get in touch with us using the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How popularity is calculated?

If a photo hasn't been published, it might not be due to one or two negative comments made by a curator. This is more likely to happen because of poor Popularity – in other words because the photo hasn't generated enough interest in the community.
See below how Popularity is calculated on 100ASA:
Popularity is a score out of 100 points that measures how popular a photo is. It’s calculated by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm unique to 100ASA, which learns and adapts itself according to the dynamic of the website.
Our AI algorithm takes into consideration factors not necessarily linked to the quality of the photograph. You can check some of them below:

  • Number, length and type of comments (positive or negative)
  • Number of Likes
  • Number of Super Likes
  • Number of Technical Likes

Be aware that, due to the complexity of the algorithm, Popularity isn’t calculated in real-time. It may take a few minutes before the score is updated.
You should also know that comments aren’t considered equally. Their weight on score depends on how many photos the user posting the comment has published on 100ASA. For instance, a comment written by a user with 10 photos published has more impact than one coming from a user with 9 published photos.
Comments from Curators have a substantial effect on Popularity. But their decision to publish or reject a photo can still be overridden by the community.
We have spent lots of time designing the algorithm in a way that is as fair as possible. But, of course, it can be improved. If you have any suggestion or concern about how Popularity is calculated, please get in touch with us using the contact form.

How can I curate other photos?

Access member curation by clicking on "Curate" on the top-right menu. This will allow you to help Curators to find the best photos.
Make sure you write comments on other photographers photos.
Always be polite and helpful when commenting and clearly explain your thoughts and ideas in as much detail you can. You should also aim at giving improvement tips.

Why should I curate other photos?

Our main goal is to create a community of photographers curated by photographers. This is why we invite you to curate photos.
Beside it, writing useful comments will help you to build your own Reputation, as other photographers can evaluate your comments but voting it up or down.
Plus, if you curate frequently, you will also gather points and improve your ranking.

How do I upload photos?

On the menu (the one in the upper right corner with your profile picture/avatar), go to Manage Photos and select "Upload photos". You can drag and drop photos or click the "Upload" button to select files.
Make sure to convert your photos to standard sRGB and to save them in JPG or PNG format before uploading. JPG format with EXIF data is preferred.
Photos uploaded will go directly to the Curate gallery where other members of the community will start performing actions on them (comment/like/etc...)
You can see photos that you've submitted for curation along with their own popularity on the Manage Photo section.
Photos in curation won't be visible on your profile until they have been either published or rejected.
Photo published will be visible on the main gallery.
Personal watermark should be removed before uploading. Watermarked photos won't be considered for any future 100 ASA features.

How can I remove one of my photo?

You can only remove photos that are in curation or rejected from the Manage Photos section, by clicking on the Remove button below the photo.
Once photos have been published it won't be possible to remove them any more.
If you wish to have a published photo removed, please get in touch with us and we will be able to assist you.

How can I make my rejected photos private (not visible to others)?

If you wish to make your rejected photos private, you can set it on the edit profile page by un-ticking "Allow other members to see my rejected photos".

What are Super Likes and how do I earn them?

A Super Like is similar to a normal like, but you have a limited number of them every week.
Super like makes you earn photo upload tokens as well so every time you use 4 (four) super likes you will earn 1 (one) photo upload token.
All users will be awarded of 4 (four) Super Likes per week.
The most active users of the week, visible in the leaderboard, will be rewarder with 4 additional super likes.

What are photo upload tokens and how do I earn them?

Because 100 ASA is curated photography gallery we need to hear your voice before a photo can either be published or rejected on the main gallery.
To make sure that everyone gets feedback on their work, you can write comments on someone else photo OR "Super Like" 4 photos to earn 1 (one) photo upload token, up to the maximum allowed by your role.
Once you got photo upload tokens, the "Upload Photo" button will be enabled and you will be able to upload your photos.
Bear in mind that tokens are valid for 1 week only after which they will expire. So make sure to upload your photos for curation!

What are the comment votes?

Any comment added to any photo, can be voted up or down (depending on your role). If you agree with the comment you can vote it up and if you disagree with it or you think it doesn't provide a constructive feedback you can vote it down. The number between the up and down buttons shows how many votes the comment has received.

Can I reply to a comment?

Yes, If you would like to reply to a comment you can click on the "Reply" button just below the comment itself. You can also join other comment discussion but clicking on "View Replies".

How do I know if my photo was published or rejected?

You can follow the curation progress of your photo on Manage Photo in the "In Curation" section. There, you can see the time left for curation and the popularity of your photo.
You can see if a photo is published or rejected in their dedicated sections of the same page.

What should I do if my photo is rejected?

If your photo is rejected, don't give up. Use the feedback received to improve it and re-upload it for curation.

How do I edit information about my photos?

Each photo can be edited in Manage photos gallery. You just need to click on the edit button below your photo. You can only edit photos that are in curation status.

How do I re-upload photos?

If you have improved a photo previously rejected, you can upload a new version of it. However, be aware that photos are rarely published on a second try - changes must be significant for the photo to be reconsidered by the community.

How are my images protected?

Unauthorized use of images is something we deeply disapprove, so we have taken several measures to stop it.
For instance, we have prevented right-click downloading or dragging of images to desktop. Plus, all photos are watermarked with the photographer name and our logo.

What are your size recommendations for uploading photos?

The maximum file size allowed is 7MB in the format of a JPG or PNG.
We recommend that you always upload your photos in the original resolution. They will automatically be resized to a smaller optimal size when displayed on 100 ASA.

What is the storage limit?

100 ASA maintains a fair storage policy to ensure stable and fast service to all users, offering unlimited storage limit per user.
The storage limits outlined in the Terms might be changed without notice, and you are responsible for complying with such changes.

How do I show or hide nude content?

Enable or disable the Nude filter in your Profile settings.

How do I delete my account?

If you no longer wish to be a member of 100 ASA, please send an email to
Deleting your account is a final decision. Once done, your photos and info can’t be restored, so we suggest you take a few days to consider your decision.
If there is something you aren't happy about, please contact, and we will do our best to solve it.