What is 100 ASA?

100 ASA is not the classic online photo gallery where photographers can just upload their photos. This is not your average photo site. All photos on 100 ASA are curated by the community!
Our standards are high, but don't let that discourage you. We believe that everyone has an inner photographer, just waiting to be discovered.
Learning is very important for us that’s why one of the most important activity on 100 ASA is to provide expert feedback on other photographer photos to help them to improve.
Getting published on 100 ASA is a great achievement.
Every day millions photos are uploaded on Facebook alone.
100 ASA is something different. We publish only a small amount of photos every week, giving them the exposure they deserve.

How does curation work?

We believe that the community has to drive the photo curation.
Every time you upload a photo, it will automatically go on the "Curate" page where other photographers can start curating it (writing comments,liking the photo,etc)
Each "action" received on your photo will be used to calculate the popularity. Moderators can also vote for publishing or rejecting the photo. (a min. number of voting moderators is required). Photos will stay in curation for 1 week, before being publish or rejected. if it reaches a popularity of 80% it will published.

How can I curate other photos ?

Access member curation by clicking “Curate” in the top right menu. Here you can help the official Moderators to find the best photos.
The most important activity is to write comments on other photographer photos
Remember to always be polite and helpful when commenting on someone’s photo and really explain in-depth why you think something and always give tips about how to improve the photo.
Good comments will help you to gain reputation, as other photographer can agree your comment by voting it.
If you are active in member curation, you will gather point and your ranking your go up too!

How do I know if my photo was published or rejected?

You can follow the progress your photo is making on "My Photo --> In Curation" section where for each photo it will be shown the time left in curation and the popularity.
Even if your photos were not published this time, you can improve it using the community feedback and re-upload it again for curation.
You can see if a photo is published or rejected in "My Photos".

What are the benefits of being a paying member?

As a paying member you can submit your photos for consideration of publishing in the 100 ASA gallery.
When you become a Premium member you can upload photos (depending on your reputation and role, more info here ) to the community Moderators every week, gain reputation and have to chance to have your photo published on our main gallery.
All paying members have access to detailed statistics about the curation process. As a paying member your photos are automatically protected by copyright watermarks with your name.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, you can always upgrade from a free membership to a Premium membership

How are my images protected?

Unauthorized use of images is something we take very seriously. We have taken many different measures to protect your images. First of all we have prevented right-click downloading or dragging of images to the desktop. Secondly, all images are watermarked with the photographers name and our logo.

What is 100 ASA Digital Frame Live Streaming?

This is currently "work in progress" and a more detailed answer will come soon!

How do I upload photos?

Go to “My Photos” menu (the menu in the upper right corner with your profile picture/avatar) and select “Upload photos”. You can drag and drop photos or click the “Upload” button to select files. Make sure to convert your photos to standard sRGB save them in JPG format using “Save for web”.

What are your size recommendations for uploading photos?

We recommend that you always upload your photos in the original resolution from camera. They will automatically be resized to a smaller optimal size when displayed on 100 ASA and the high-resolution file will not be made public.

What is the storage Limit?

100 ASA maintains a fair storage policy to ensure stable and fast service to all users. The storage limits set forth in the Terms may be changed from time to time without notice and you are responsible for complying with such changes.

How do I edit information about photos?

In "My photo" gallery each photo can be edited by clicking on the edit button that shows when you mouseover the photo

How do I re-upload photos?

If you have improved a photo you can upload a new version of the photo. However, photos are rarely published on the second try and changes need be very major in order for the photo to be reconsidered by the community.

How do I delete pictures?

You can delete photos on your profile. If you want to delete a published photo, send an email to info@100asa.co.uk stating the reason for deletion and we will help you out.

Do you allow copyright text in photos?

All photos on 100 ASA are automatically watermarked by us with our logo. You are not allowed to add your own watermarks or copyrights , because we want all the photos in the gallery to have a uniform style and watermarks are sometimes disturbing.

How do I show or hide nude content?

Enable or disable the nude filter in your “Profile” setting.

How do I delete my account?

If you no longer wish to be a member of 100 ASA send an email to info@100asa.co.uk. Deleting your account is a final decision and we cannot bring it back once it’s been deleted so always take a few days to consider your decision before deleting your account. If there is anything you are not happy about, make sure to contact info@100asa.co.uk and we will do our best to help you out, improve the situation and solve any problems.