Photo by Vitaliy Shevchenko
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November Mood

Vitaliy Shevchenko
Published in Portrait 20 days ago

Gradpa again

35 mm
1/160 sec
20 November 2019 - 13:54

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Rodislav Driben avatar.

Rodislav Driben 27330 • Moderator

Curated 16 days ago

Portrait with well defined artistic objective executed in masterful manner. Sensual and smart work. I am glad that it got good support from the community.


Hengki Lee avatar.

Hengki Lee 23202 • Moderator

Curated 16 days ago

Excellent black and white portrait as it has a strong mood and artistic impact. The expression of the old man and low key monochrome create somewhat mysterious and dark atmosphere in this piece. A visual poetry.


Klaus Gremmels avatar.

Klaus Gremmels 10203 • Guru

Curated 16 days ago

Richtig; hier sehen wir ein außerordentlich eindrucksvolles Portrait. Dies ist kein gewöhnliches Bild, sondern gibt außerordentlich gut eine düstere Stimmung wieder. Technisch ist für mich auch alles in Ordnung. Kompliment. Gruss Klaus

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Right; here we see an extraordinarily impressive portrait. This is not an ordinary picture, but rather reflects a dark mood very well. Technically everything is fine for me. Compliment. Greetings Klaus


Gus FAM avatar.

Gus FAM 2765 • Student

Curated 16 days ago

Hola Vitaly. Preciosa y emotiva imagen, la mirada del señor es muy tierna, parece mirar algo con delicadeza, verle a traves de un cristal con las gotas de agua hace que la escena sea aun mas dramatica. Un gran tabajo

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Hi Vitaly Beautiful and emotional image, the look of the Lord is very tender, seems to look at something delicately, see him through a glass with water droplets makes the scene even more dramatic. A great job


Joao Soares avatar.

Joao Soares 9633 • Photographer

Curated 19 days ago

This is another great depiction of your grandpa, Vitaliy. He does look like he is awaiting, perhaps not very happily, for the winter to arrive.


Mark  Riedy avatar.

Mark Riedy 9680 • Photographer

Curated 20 days ago

This is an excellent Moody evocative photograph. I love it in black-and-white. The photo definitely create a mysterious environment. This is somewhat I’d like to meet but maybe not in a dark alley