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Within and Without

Tipp Hex
Published in Portrait 19 days ago

A portrait of a young women, a friend, who was and still is, coping with difficult issues. Her struggle and pain was so plainly written in her eyes, that I asked if she would mind if I took her portrait. It was shot very quickly using available light and not in a studio. Thanks for reading and looking.

135 mm
1/160 sec
19 July 2019 - 13:02

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Roberto Marino avatar.

Roberto Marino 196 • User

Curated 12 days ago

Sencillo y conmovedor, la imagen de por si habla y lo hace en un idioma universal, muy buena foto que logra expresar algún padecimiento de la retratada.

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Simple and moving, the image itself speaks and does it in a universal language, very good photo that manages to express some suffering from the portrait.


Mohammad Dadsetan avatar.

Mohammad Dadsetan 2862 • Student

Curated 13 days ago

The photo mood is attractive and has good editing. I love the human subject and her eyes. The image is impressive. Good luck.


Klaus Gremmels avatar.

Klaus Gremmels 10203 • Guru

Curated 14 days ago

Ein eindrucksvolles Portrait, dass noch mehr gewinnt durch die Beschreibung des Autors. Für mich auch ein Low-Key Portrait der besonders guten Art. Gruß Klaus

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An impressive portrait that wins even more through the description of the author. For me also a low-key portrait of a particularly good kind. Greetings Klaus


Hengki Lee avatar.

Hengki Lee 23214 • Moderator

Curated 16 days ago

Great low key Black and White portrait. Excellent use of available light and exposure management. By conversing this photo into low key monochrome, you made a good decision to elaborate her sad story since it brings a stronger silence mood impact. Congratulations!


Gus FAM avatar.

Gus FAM 2765 • Student

Curated 16 days ago

Hola Tipp. No habia leido tu descripcion aun y ya estaba pensando en escribir sobre ella, sus ojos transmiten dolor, dramatismoa, has conseguido reflejar en esta imagen el interior de esta persona, en mi humilde opinion. Un gran trabajo con la luz y los tonos magnificos. Saludos Gus

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Hi Tipp. I had not read your description yet and I was already thinking about writing about it, his eyes convey pain, drama, you have managed to reflect in this image the inside of this person, in my humble opinion. A great job with light and magnificent tones. Greetings Gus


Joao Soares avatar.

Joao Soares 9633 • Photographer

Curated 18 days ago

This is a beautiful portrait of your friend, Tipp. The fact that you used natural light makes it more impressive. She may show some signs of pain in her eyes, but the feeling that is more apparent to me is quiet resignation. This is a heartfelt shot that I hope gets published in the gallery.