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The sprout

Anna Simbula
Published in Nature 16 days ago

Nature in all its forms always gives us emotions. I was moved to see the effort of this tendril, created from the earth, to seek its strength in the light.

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Jose Luis Lindo avatar.

Jose Luis Lindo 262 • User

Curated 12 days ago

Excelente control de luces, enfatizando el la hoja, que es la protagonista de la escena. Gran detalle en toda la escena. Enhorabuena!!

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Excellent control of lights, emphasizing the sheet, which is the protagonist of the scene. Great detail throughout the scene. Congratulations!!


Fifo Photos avatar.

Fifo Photos 2732 • Student

Curated 12 days ago

Anna, it’s an amazing image created with the strength of the light (I agree with you)! Excellent macro work; stunning detail and so beautiful greens -fine piece!


Niko Benas avatar.

Niko Benas 1744 • Student

Curated 12 days ago

The discreete look and the fine gloss characterise this beautiful picture. The framing is marvellous, the dark background very well chosen! Beautiful work, Anna!


Frederic Gombert avatar.

Frederic Gombert 1539 • Student

Curated 12 days ago

Hi Anna it is a very nice shot , I like especially the composition which suggests a movement , the contrast and the sharpness is very good nice work best regards


Klaus Gremmels avatar.

Klaus Gremmels 10189 • Guru

Curated 13 days ago

Das ist ein ganz wunderbares Pflanzen Bild! Eine ganz hervorragende Schärfe auf dem Blatt und ein irgendwie ein bisschen ein geheimnisvolles Ende auf der linken Seite zum Bokeh hin. Gruss Klaus

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This is a very wonderful plant picture! A very good sharpness on the sheet and somehow a bit of a mysterious ending on the left towards the bokeh. Greetings Klaus


Gian Donati avatar.

Gian Donati 2716 • Student

Curated 13 days ago

Un beau format et un choix de cadrage lumière, les détails et les tons sont magnifiques. L'arrière plan foncé augmente la beauté de l'ensemble !!! Excellent travail Anna !

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A beautiful format and a judicious choice of framing ... the light, the details and the tones are magnificent. The dark background increases the beauty of the whole !!! Excellent work Anna!


Marina  Poushkina avatar.

Marina Poushkina 3520 • Student

Curated 14 days ago

The most impressive macro, Anna! Real eyecatcher! Great clarity, sharpness of all the areas and beautifuly done details. Lots of details! The light is fantastic


Martin Linggi avatar.

Martin Linggi 3018 • Student

Curated 15 days ago

Not just fantastic details but also amazingly composed. I like also the restrained bokeh in the background. May I ask if it is a focus stack or one shot?


Joao Soares avatar.

Joao Soares 9621 • Photographer

Curated 16 days ago

Great macro shot, Anna. The light and richness of details on the leaf and sprout are amazing. Such a simple subject resulting in such an impressive image. Congratulations.