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Portland Lighthouse Sunrise

Published in Landscapes 13 days ago

This is a very photogenic scene and most people shoot from the sides to include waves and rocks. Let's see if using wild flowers as foreground turns out well or not.

38 mm
1 sec
2 July 2016 - 04:27

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Mark  Riedy avatar.

Mark Riedy 9680 • Photographer

Curated 6 days ago

Beautiful shot Jay. I can’t find anything that I would change about this photograph, beautifully rendered, perfect exposure and lovely colors


Timothee Walter avatar.

Timothee Walter 675 • Scholar

Curated 11 days ago

Hello Jay ZHU, wonderful photography, I pretty like your foreground, the sky is amazing, if was mine I desaturate the yellow mostly on the lighthouse


Jose Luis Lindo avatar.

Jose Luis Lindo 262 • User

Curated 12 days ago

Magnifica composicion, gran detalle en luz y color. Muy bien controladas las altas luces. Quizás esté un poco saturada, pero eso va en gustos. Buen trabajo.

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Magnificent composition, great detail in light and color. Very well controlled high lights. It may be a bit saturated, but that goes well. Good job.


Aydin  Ucar avatar.

Aydin Ucar 1188 • Student

Curated 12 days ago

Excellent warm view of good colored landscape. Correct timing of light reveals the beauty of the scene with warm atmosphere and good color balance.


Marina  Poushkina avatar.

Marina Poushkina 3520 • Student

Curated 12 days ago

Hello Jay! Fantastic shot, wonderful location, time of the day and of the year! Spring time is very phot0genic with such gorgeous balsamroots in bloom! May I ask you what the name of that place? I'd like to visit it sometime...


Rodislav Driben avatar.

Rodislav Driben 27330 • Moderator

Curated 13 days ago

Nice picture with wonderful tranquil and peaceful mood. Good match of colors and well emhasized main object of the composition. Classical good landscape postcard.


Gian Donati avatar.

Gian Donati 2716 • Student

Curated 13 days ago

Very beautiful landscape and beautiful composition. The foreground, the light and all the colors make the scene warm and soft ! Excellent work Jay !


Hengki Lee avatar.

Hengki Lee 23154 • Moderator

Curated 13 days ago

Your decision to do a bit different from other photographers who shot this location is awesome. The flowers as the foreground really gives artistic and calming mood impact to this photograph. It works very well with the sunrise light that built a warm feeling and sense of serenity. You also did a good composition management and exposure too. I choose to publish this. Congratulations!


Joao Soares avatar.

Joao Soares 9621 • Photographer

Curated 13 days ago

This is a lovely landscape shot, Jay. The flowers, the lighthouse, and the warm sunset tones all combined well to give you a feeling of seaside harmony. Well done!