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Night Ambush

Thomas Musson
Published in Macro 17 days ago

Cryptaranea Orb weaver spider in her web. This one hides amongst the moss and lichen during the day, so helps being green.

60 mm
1/125 sec
16 June 2019 - 20:43

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Frederic Gombert avatar.

Frederic Gombert 2610 • Student

Curated 10 days ago

Hi Thomas very nice shot , I like very much the sharpness and the contrast of this photo very beautiful you have made a great job


Steven Frederickson avatar.

Steven Frederickson 9537 • Photographer

Curated 10 days ago

Excellent photo, Thomas. I appreciate the explanation of the spider's colour. I once saw a spider that had just captured a fly, and it was bright yellow. The flower it was on was the same shade of yellow, and it was told to me then that that particular species had the ability to change its colour to suit the background. Fascinating! Anyway, good photo, and good technique to get it all sharp. There's no sense of scale, so I assume this is a 'normal' sized spider, so you must have been close to 1:1 magnification? I've seen other photos made with the Zuiko 60mm and was impressed with the sharpness.


Mark Bennett avatar.

Mark Bennett 2090 • Student

Curated 11 days ago

What a fabulous spider - and great color. I like the black background which sets off the green nicely. Could there be a little more web visible - its tantalisingly faint, and perhaps make the whole picture 1 stop lighter though keeping the black background...


Klaus Gremmels avatar.

Klaus Gremmels 13206 • Guru

Curated 11 days ago

Erstklassiges und mich auch sehr beeindruckendes Makro dieser Spinnen Art. Das ist gekonnt. Der schwarze Hintergrund passt wunderbar dazu. Gruss Klaus

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First-class and very impressive macro of this type of spider. That is a skill. The black background goes very well with it. Greetings Klaus


Mark  Riedy avatar.

Mark Riedy 11073 • Guru

Curated 11 days ago

Wonderful photograph Reynante. I love the composition and the sharpness. Perhaps I would brighten the spiderweb a little. Submit more like this


Reynante Martinez avatar.

Reynante Martinez 2156 • Student

Curated 11 days ago

Wonderful shot of a wonderful subject, Thomas. Seeing this species of spider makes me appreciate macro photography even more. Thanks for sharing. :)


Seyed Shahabeddin Montazeri avatar.

Seyed Shahabeddin Montazeri 389 • User

Curated 12 days ago

سلام، استفاده از نور موضعی برای سوژه، فوکوس مناسب در همه نقاط عنکبوت وترکیب بندی قوی از نقاط قوت این عکس می باشد، تبریک بسیار.

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Hi, using local light for the subject, good focus on all the spider points and strong composition are the strengths of this photo, congratulations.


Arthos Li avatar.

Arthos Li 5219 • Photographer

Curated 12 days ago

Hallo Thomas, ein faszinierendes Macro !! Sehr schön die Details und feinen Strukturen dargestellt, perfekt die Farbschattierungen in deinem Bild umgesetzt !! Sehr gut gefällt mir der Kontrast zum dunklen Hintergrund !! Gratuliere zu dieser gelungenen Aufnahme :)

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Hello Thomas, a fascinating macro !! The details and fine structures are beautifully presented, the color shades in your picture are perfectly implemented !! I really like the contrast to the dark background !! Congratulations on this successful recording :)


Anna Simbula avatar.

Anna Simbula 5005 • Photographer

Curated 14 days ago

Your introduction makes appreciating the shot it is interesting to know why the spider has adopted such camouflage. Excellent focus and exposure. The details of the body and legs are clear. One shot well done. Congratulations.