Photo by Mohammad Dadsetan
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Mohammad Dadsetan
Published in Black and White 13 days ago


4.3 mm
0.02 sec
12 October 2018 - 20:37

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Annamaria Guarino avatar.

Annamaria Guarino 399 • User

Curated 5 days ago

Uno scatto fatto dall' alto ben definito . Splendida la simmetria e per il gioco di geometrie che sei riuscito a catturare. Un bel bianco e nero e punto di ripresa.

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A shot made from the top well defined. Wonderful symmetry and for the game of geometries that you managed to capture. A nice black and white and resume point.


farshid ashkar avatar.

farshid ashkar 1057 • Student

Curated 6 days ago

Very good photo has great form has good editing has good human form has well formed triangles Congratulations Success congratulations


Manuel Fernandez avatar.

Manuel Fernandez 773 • Scholar

Curated 6 days ago

Perfecta simetría, perfecto enfoque, perfecto contraste, perfecto virado a blanco y negro, perfecto...todo. Me gusta especialmente la ruptura que supone la presencia de la figura que deshace la simetría geométrica de ese espacio.. enhorabuena una gran foto.

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Perfect symmetry, perfect focus, perfect contrast, perfect black and white, perfect ... everything. I especially like the break in the presence of the figure that undoes the geometric symmetry of that space .. congratulations on a great photo.


Piere Web Bro avatar.

Piere Web Bro 233 • User

Curated 6 days ago

Lovely black and white! This is a beautiful and creative image, a minimalist street view and this look has made this photo special, congratulations


Dimitry Keiv avatar.

Dimitry Keiv 287 • User

Curated 6 days ago

Photo with magnificent angle! I love this tile layout and puzzle formation! It's like an imaginary image and it engages the mind, great


Photo Gallery avatar.

Photo Gallery 337 • User

Curated 6 days ago

Lovely minimalism in the presence of the human subject, a mother holding her baby in transit, the contrast of the white and white in the photo is excellent, congratulations


Ted Mozbi avatar.

Ted Mozbi 27 • User

Curated 6 days ago

Minimal image with great angle I see in your photo beautiful lines and shapes which is very impressive Monochrome is good


Pierre Boisgontier avatar.

Pierre Boisgontier 358 • User

Curated 6 days ago

Voilà une photo en N&B que j’aime beaucoup’ des contrastes bien marqués dans une géométrie intéressante avec un personnage qui donne une échelle de l’ensemble. Le traitement est superbe et le cadrage juste comme il faut. Un gros plus pour cette prise.

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Here is a B&W photo that I like very much bien well-marked contrasts in an interesting geometry with a character who gives a scale of the whole. The treatment is superb and the framing just right. A big plus for this catch.