Photo by Charles Morra
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Light ray on the mossy rock

Charles Morra
Published in Landscapes 12 days ago

Mt Baker woodlands moss on a rock

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Bette  Devine avatar.

Bette Devine 736 • Scholar

Curated 6 days ago

A very attractive woodland image. The moss is illuminated beautifully, but I feel that just a slight increase in overall brightness would be an improvement without detracting from the atmosphere.


Elena Ivanova avatar.

Elena Ivanova 2001 • Student

Curated 6 days ago

What a beautiful picture! Looks like a scene from a fairy tale! Sun ray end shining moss make make a whole story very joyful. I think that the light and the shadow are very well balanced. Congratulation!


Niko Benas avatar.

Niko Benas 3676 • Student

Curated 6 days ago

Great woodland scenery! Reminds me a little bit of the Black Forest in my environment. The play of light and shade is marvelous! The illuminated moss an eye-catcher! Wonderful mood, perfect overall sharpness and beautiful soft tones. Great shot, Charles!


Marina  Poushkina avatar.

Marina Poushkina 6385 • Photographer

Curated 8 days ago

Hello Charles, One more beautiful capture of the Northwest rainforest. Stunning light on the moss making it glow emerald. I can appreciate your works for I see those sceneries often and enjoy them in real. Warm greetings!


Serge Mion avatar.

Serge Mion 22576 • Master

Curated 10 days ago

Hello, I really like this picture. The composition and the light just striking the moose and the rock is very nice. You did a very nice job on postprocessing and did not overdo it. Nice shadows as weel but not too dark to keep some details on then. Bravo