Photo by Steven Frederickson
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The Postcard

Steven Frederickson
Published in Uncategorized 12 days ago

The photo is intended to point out the gap between our hopes and expectations - and reality that often disappoints. Hopefully viewers will see more than just a postcard and a lighthouse.

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Dolf  Schuurman avatar.

Dolf Schuurman 444 • User

Curated 6 days ago

The premise of the photo is unique and powerfully executed. To me it is a razorsharp comment on this Instagram era and our distorted view on beauty in general. We deserve to be dissapointed.


Marina  Poushkina avatar.

Marina Poushkina 6269 • Photographer

Curated 8 days ago

Very familiar scene for everybody, especially for those who lives by the sea. Great reality/expectation photograph and again whith touch of humour.


Rodislav Driben avatar.

Rodislav Driben

Curated 10 days ago

I am happy to press the vote for publish for this image without any reservation. No concerns and no suggestion to improve. The image works for me just very fine and leaves message of how light and colours affect our mood. Very important message for Visual Arts.


Joao Soares avatar.

Joao Soares 14049 • Guru

Curated 11 days ago

Great shot, Steven. Reality often clashes with our expectations. Your picture shows it well. Besides the message it conveys, it is an impressive shot on its own. Nicely done.