Photo by Artur Vidal
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Artur Vidal
Published in Landscapes 11 days ago

An Unique Place. Portugal allways beautifull

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Carpentier  Victor avatar.

Carpentier Victor 4742 • Student

Curated 4 days ago

Very nice photo with bold colors and very well placed in frame fits very well in the gallery, in the upper right corner a little clones away , Good work Artur


Filip Minárik avatar.

Filip Minárik 347 • User

Curated 5 days ago

Krásne, plné farieb, tónov... Dostal si z tej krajiny asi maximum čo sa po foto stránke dá... Pekne ostrené, dobrá kompozícia :)

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Beautiful, full of colors, tones ... You got from the country about the maximum possible in terms of photo ... Nice sharpened, good composition :)


Dietrich Lasa avatar.

Dietrich Lasa 3069 • Student

Curated 5 days ago

No wonder this image transcends the 80 mark. It is captivating and could end up as a popular poster. I assume the colours received a little push during postprocessing, but in this case, a strong saturation seems quite appropriate as it adds to the magic of this extraordinary composition.


Anna Simbula avatar.

Anna Simbula 5005 • Photographer

Curated 5 days ago

This image has a splendid range of colors. Excellent sharp details of the entire frame, I really like the texture of the ground that makes the shot lively. Compliments


Niko Benas avatar.

Niko Benas 3676 • Student

Curated 5 days ago

What else should I say to this photo, that it is a masterpiece in my eyes! I love this wide angle portrait shot! Focussing on an interesting foreground, showing a beautiful illuminated middle ground and completing this shot with a spectacular light in the cloudy sky! Fantastic work, Artur!!


Zsolt Andras Szabo avatar.

Zsolt Andras Szabo

Curated 8 days ago

Amazing work! Very interesting and what is important: original location. Spectacular light, perfectly rendered. Excellent colour management and mood, the reflections are a great addition. Composition is very simple and effective, those formations are fantastic.