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Geza Vas
Published in City and Architecture 11 days ago

Stairwell in a Barcelona hotel.

18 mm
1/15 sec
27 September 2016 - 14:55

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Klaus Gremmels avatar.

Klaus Gremmels 13206 • Guru

Curated 5 days ago

Ein wunderbares Innen Architektur Bild! Ich mag solche Treppenhaus Bilder sehr. Hier stimmt einfach alles. Sehr gute Arbeit.

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A wonderful interior architecture picture! I like such staircase pictures very much. Everything is just right here. Very good work.


Juan  Gallart  avatar.

Juan Gallart 594 • Scholar

Curated 5 days ago

Personalmente y por poner un pero hubiera intentado(claro esta si era posible) un encuadre un poco mas a la derecha. Por lo demas una fotografia muy bien vista que casi siempre funciona y en este caso tambien funciono. Muy buenas texturas y luz .Enhorabuena.

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Personally and to put a but would have tried (of course if possible) a little more right frame. For the rest, a very well seen photograph that almost always works and in this case it also worked. Very good textures and light. Congratulations.


Dietrich Lasa avatar.

Dietrich Lasa 3069 • Student

Curated 6 days ago

Images with a stairwell as their subject seem to be mostly very successful. This one is no exception. It is pleasant to look at it following the stairs right down to the bottom floor whilst appreciating the harmony and overall consistency of the elements in the composition.


Serge Mion avatar.

Serge Mion 22576 • Master

Curated 8 days ago

Very nice composition and light. The colors are nice and you did not over process this picture. That is a very common composition to do but when it is well done it always nice. This is great work and keeps working on it and you will be a master on it. Beautiful work to be published. Regards serge


Rodislav Driben avatar.

Rodislav Driben

Curated 10 days ago

I do not know where the blue light comes from (hope not from photoshop), but it does the work well. Indeed these two cold blue light spots together with thewarm light downstairs bring breath into the beautiful graphics of so popular cliche spiral stairs. Probably this image will be published.


Patrick Bouvier avatar.

Patrick Bouvier 1909 • Student

Curated 10 days ago

Superbe composition. J'adore l'alternance de couleurs d'un étage à l'autre. Les couleurs chaudes et froides s'accordent très bien avec le ton gris global de cette photo. La ligne directrice suit la rampe et accompagné le regard jusqu'en bas. Je ne suis pas convaincu par la présence floue qui selon moi, n'apporte rien de plus à cette très belle photo

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Superb composition. I love the alternation of colors from one floor to another. The warm and cold colors go very well with the overall gray tone of this photo. The guideline follows the ramp and accompanied the gaze to the bottom. I am not convinced by the blurred presence which in my opinion, does nothing more to this very beautiful photo