Photo by Olavo Azevedo
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Light games

Olavo Azevedo
Published in Black and White 10 days ago


18 mm
1/2000 sec
22 July 2016 - 13:14

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Juan  Gallart  avatar.

Juan Gallart 594 • Scholar

Curated 5 days ago

Muy buen sitio,edificio precioso. El procesado blanco y negro y eses toque de luz te quedaron geniales y la persona aporta mucho ,da sensacion de tamaño del edificio en cuestion.Enhorabuena.

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Very good site, beautiful building. The black and white processing and that touch of light were great and the person contributes a lot, it gives sensation of size of the building in question. Congratulations.


Serge Mion avatar.

Serge Mion 22576 • Master

Curated 7 days ago

That is a perfect example that adding something that we we all no size gives a sense of the size of other elements in photography. This could be a person, stairs, traffic lights or other objects. Very nice black and white picture and I never thought about adding a spotlight coming for the top of the frame like a spot, Very nice composition, light, and postprocessing. Serge


Joao Soares avatar.

Joao Soares 14094 • Guru

Curated 10 days ago

Gorgeous shot, Olavo. Beautiful composition with the inclusion of the person walking in the mid ground, and elegant post processing of contrasts and highlights. Congratulations!


Hans-wolfgang Hawerkamp avatar.

Hans-wolfgang Hawerkamp 24502 • Master

Curated 10 days ago

outstanding work with modern Architecture in a wonderful light. Perfectly exposed and processed with beautiful contrasts. I like the human Elements in this Image as well as the light effect that partially illuminated the Building. Thank you so much for sharing with us


Patrick Bouvier avatar.

Patrick Bouvier 1911 • Student

Curated 10 days ago

Bonjour, je reste très admiratif en admirant cette photo. Que dire ? J’adore ce contraste de luminosité qui fait ressortir les blancs. La pureté et la précision des lignes nous transportent dans un monde entre la photo et le dessin d’art. Cela montre à quel point la photo permet d’interpréter le monde réel. Bravissimo

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Hello, I remain very admiring by admiring this photo. What to say ? I love this contrast of brightness which brings out the whites. The purity and precision of the lines transport us to a world between photography and art drawing. It shows how the photo can interpret the real world. Bravissimo