Photo by Christopher Alford
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Younger Days

by Christopher Alford
Published in Journalism 24 days ago

I found this image in my negative collection from the early 80's. It's an outbuilding from a Malt House in Hampshire U.K. where local kids went to explore and play. I had been photographing the abandoned interior when I took this shot, and completely forgotten that I had it. Most likely taken on a Canon A1, Ilford FP4, home processed, then scanned 38 years later on an Epson V850.

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sébastien gouzay 22651 • Moderator

Curated 6 days ago

At first I did not see much interest ..... certainly the low contrast of your image and this side too flat .... But I was wrong about everything else! Here I imagine to be in the place of these kids in search of adventures ..... the vague waves, the haunted houses, the fear in the belly that one seeks yet. A film ephoto in the sense that it attracts us and transports us well beyond the shooting. Congratulations.